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Royalty Participation Audits

Royalty & Participation Audits

Recovering lost revenue: If you keep your eyes wide shut, you won't find anything.



Are you getting the money you're entitled to? We help you recover your funds. 


Use Our Services to Uncover Your Unpaid Monies

Our royalty and profit participation audits (also known as contract compliance or forensic auditing) usually uncover monies owed to our clients, and quite often its significant sums owed.

Because experience matters

If you don't have experienced auditors on your team, you can't count on them to know what to look for. Our professionals have more than 25 years of experience, so we know how to best tailor our support to you.

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We help you achieve levels of results and satisfaction that surpass your expectations.




Hurewitz And Company has uncovered more than $50 million in claims. Our primary services are in royalty audits and litigation support, and we represent royalty recipients by analyzing a licensee's records to uncover unpaid royalties and other instances of contract non-compliance.


With our combined 25 years of experience, sophisticated computer analytical skills and access to an international network of auditors, we get you reliable, timely and cost-effective results that exceed expectations.
When it comes to royalty audits, we provide you with the necessary experience and expertise for high-performance. 


Typical Claim Issues


To learn more about the typical claim issues that we uncover, click below for additional information on specific industries.

Some Companies Our Professionals Have Audited:

  • 20th Century Fox

  • Atlantic Records

  • Buena Vista Theatrical 

  • Delivery Agent Web Commerce

  • Dell Computer 

  • Disney

  • Disney Interactive Studios 

  • Electronic Arts

  • EMI

  • LG Electronics

  • Lionsgate Films

  • MGM Home Video

  • MGM Studios

  • Mirage Casino Hotel

  • New Line Cinema

  • NOVA Science Publishers

  • Paramount Pictures

  • Peer Music

  • Pioneer Electronics

  • Playboy Channel

  • Rhino Records

  • Sony 

  • Sony Pictures

  • Sony Records

  • The Weinstein Co.

  • Ubisoft

  • Universal Music Group

  • Universal Music Publishing

  • US International Media

  • Viacom/Paramount

  • Warner Bros.

  • Warner Music Group

  • Weber-Stephen Products

  • Wixen Music Publishing

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No matter the industry, we are here

to offer you excellent service.


Quality Services Across Industries 


We have success in all fields. Hurewitz And Company provides you with top-notch service and expertise in a wide range of industries. Don't see your industry listed below? Contact us for additional information about other intellectual property and industries. 

Our Company Values

Company Values

• Film / TV
• Consumer Products
• Merchandise / Apparel
• Digital Products 
• Electronics
• Video Games
• Software 
• Mobile Content 
• Entertainment
• Live Entertainment
• Franchises
• Infomercials
• Joint Ventures
• Manufacturing
• Natural Resources
• Book / Publishing
• Technology / Nanotech

• Licensing

• Live Theater

• Patents

• Copyrights


Global Reach

Let us help you with your international audits. 


Global Reach

International Services


We can team up with our network of auditors in various countries including those that are independent members of the BDO Seidman Alliance to conduct international audits. Our professionals have conducted compliance audits around the world, including in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, France, Germany, Italy, UK, Australia, Canada and Mexico.

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