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I'm glad I met Matt Hurewitz!  He went to work for me, recovering sizable royalties I had never been paid from the film Journey to the Center of the Earth.  Amazingly, he convinced the auditors at 20th Century Fox that they owed me a lot of back pay - and they came through!  I'm not sure anybody would have gotten this done so effectively as Matt Hurewitz.  And yes, I've got him searching for gold elsewhere on my behalf.

Pat Boone

Journey to the Center of the Earth

The money you have earned us is our safety net while we get everyone settled. So we cannot thank you enough! This has changed our lives.

Jill Curtis-Weber

Tony Curtis Estate

You guys are terrific and extremely thorough.

Jane Saunders

Motion Picture Association of America

Matt doesn't stop until he sees green.

Michael Gruskoff

Producer, Silent Running

Matt and his team are my ‘go to’ for all my clients’ participation audits, they really know their stuff and get things done

Jeffrey C. Briggs, Esq.

Natalie Wood Estate

Matt did a very thorough and timely job.

Kerry Livgren

Songwriter and member of band Kansas

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