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We help you achieve levels of results and satisfaction that surpass your expectations.


Successful Performance


Hurewitz And Company has uncovered more than $50 million in claims. Our primary services are in royalty audits and litigation support, and we represent royalty recipients by analyzing a licensee's records to uncover unpaid royalties and other instances of contract non-compliance.


With our combined 25 years of experience, sophisticated computer analytical skills and access to an international network of auditors, we get you reliable, timely and cost-effective results that exceed expectations.
When it comes to royalty audits, we provide you with the necessary experience and expertise for high-performance. 


Typical Claim Issues


To learn more about the typical claim issues that we uncover, click below for additional information on specific industries.

Some Companies Our Auditors Have Inspected:

  • 20th Century Fox

  • Atlantic Records

  • Buena Vista Theatrical 

  • Delivery Agent Web Commerce

  • Dell Computer 

  • Disney

  • Disney Interactive Studios 

  • Electronic Arts

  • EMI

  • LG Electronics

  • Lionsgate Films

  • MGM Home Video

  • MGM Studios

  • Mirage Casino Hotel

  • New Line Cinema

  • NOVA Science Publishers

  • Paramount Pictures

  • Peer Music

  • Pioneer Electronics

  • Playboy Channel

  • Rhino Records

  • Sony 

  • Sony Pictures

  • Sony Records

  • The Weinstein Co.

  • Ubisoft

  • Universal Music Group

  • Universal Music Publishing

  • US International Media

  • Viacom/Paramount

  • Warner Bros.

  • Warner Music Group

  • Weber-Stephen Products

  • Wixen Music Publishing

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